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Eye on Israel in Prophecy

These updates are provided by the Youtube Channel Behold Israel >> Please click here to subscribe to Behold Israel. Visit their website for more news, bible teachings and Israel tour information.

Bible Prophecy Teachings

These updates are provided by the Youtube Channel SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH. >> Please click here to subscribe to SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH.  

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It’s Time To “Repent & Return”–Why September 23 and 30 Are Significant To God?

It’s Time To “Return”–Why Is September 23 Significant To God?

I have two children and like all children sometimes they misbehave. But my son always says, “Mom, at least give me a warning so I have a chance to stop and change.” God the Father has given us warnings so

What Time Is It? Hint: It’s not time to go out for drinks!

The Day of the Lord — But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief

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I Had a Prophetic Dream or Vision–Prophetic Alerts

Prophetic Alerts: Stay up to date on what God is doing in these last times. Faithful men, women and even children of God are having dreams, visions and visitations as prophesied in the Bible. ‘And it shall come to pass

Left Behind?

What to Do If You Are Left Behind? Resources from The Good News Missions and Ministry Outreach: Pastor Dale Morgan, after 40 years in Eschatological Bible Study and Ministry, continues to be an intelligent defender of the True Christian Faith.

Bible Prophecy News & Insights

Understanding bible prophecy is essential for every believer as many of the predictions made in the bible hundreds of years ago are coming to pass before our eyes. Researcher and astronomer, Dr. Hugh Ross, says, “Unique among all books ever


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