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Start a Conversation about Christ.
Have you ever wanted to tell a family member or friend about Jesus? Use these articles as “salvation starters” to share Jesus Christ with your loved ones. Simply share the article with them and keep them in your prayers.

When should Christians relax? When we reach the other side—Heaven.

Unfortunately, this world is full of temptation. So when should Christians relax? When we reach the other side—Heaven. Until then we must carefully avoid things that can make us fall into sin. As long as we are living and breathing,

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Why Don’t You Run? Sin is your enemy!

Why do horror movie characters make such poor decisions? The midnight trip to the creepy basement to investigate that weird noise; the ignored warning to stay away from that house because “strange things” happen there; the refusal to pick up a

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Do You Need a New Man? There is a Faithful Spouse waiting for you.

Some people put all their hopes in a man or woman. When “he” comes along, my life will be better. When “she” comes into my life, I’ll have someone to talk to. He will be someone I can trust. She will

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God’s Forgiveness Plan

Racial hatred, strife, fear and murder are only symptoms of our world’s greatest problem—people have broken hearts and they all want justice. The problem is:  if we all want justice, then we all have to die. Why? We are all


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